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Your Complete Solar CRM

Your team from Solar Wizard Plugin is excited to bring you a comprehensive customer relationship management solution (CRM) for an incredible price with unlimited users! Our solution includes custom solar funnels, text, email drips, calendar integrations all that work with Solar Wizard Plugin! Plus the ability to schedule social media posts, manage reviews, link GoogleAds, and more!


Saved So Much Time!

"I couldn't believe how much time and money I saved with the easy setup from Solar Wizard. Now I'm fully in one system over four technology solutions like before. "


The Best Solar Solution

"No one knows solar like Solar Wizard! The automations are incredible and now we're able to increase sales members and close more deals!"

$99 / Month with Unlimited Users!

Solar Wizard's Got Your Covered

Why pay hundreds of dollars a month for various systems when all you need is the Solar Wizard CRM?

  • Calendars - gmail / outlook

  • Zoom or GoogleMeet integrations

  • Unlimited Users

  • Text, Email, Ringless Voicemails

  • Workflows built for solar companies

  • Schedule Social Media Posts

  • Reply and Manage Brand Reviews

  • Report on Marketing Campaigns from Facebook and GoogleAds.

  • Additional Reporting by lead source, etc!

  • 24/7 Support

Easy one-click installation with Solar Wizard Plugin from your Wordpress site. Simply activate the MANA plugin, and then connect to instantly see all the Solar Wizard custom fields and workflows recommended by your preferred team.


Schedule Posts

Easy one stop solution to schedule posts in Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, etc.



Using our solar wizard email drips and texts, or upgrade to the solar bot!



Track leads by source, salesman, or marketing initative all with ease.



Create proposals, collect payments or create invoices integrations - Quickbooks / Stripe

Our Pricing

Save Thousands with Solar Wizard!


Solar Wizard

  • 2-way text and email conversations

  • GMB messaging

  • Web Chat

  • Reputation Management

  • Facebook Messenger

  • GMB Tracking

  • Missed call text back

  • Text-to-pay

  • Calendar

  • CRM

  • Pipelines

  • Workflows

  • SMS & Email templates

  • All reporting

  • Triggered

  • Campaigns

  • CRM features

  • AVA (Automated Virtual Assistant)

  • Email Marketing

  • Unlimited Funnels

  • Unlimited Forms and Surveys

  • HTML Builder

  • Trigger Links

$50 credits for sms (4464 texts), phone calls (3906 minutes) and email (35714 emails)

Includes Easy Wordpress Theme Downloads for Lead Squeeze Pages As Added Value! Stay Tuned for More FULL Wizard Focused Wordpress Templates Coming Soon.


Install Solar Wizard Plugin in your WordPress Site.


Install MANA Plugin in WorPress Site.


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